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Affordable Healthcare

I am committed to securing affordable healthcare for every Alabamian. Healthcare should not be tied to employment, and I will work tirelessly to expand access to high-quality care for all, regardless of insurance status. This includes lowering prescription drug costs, expanding opioid treatment and recovery services, especially for the uninsured and underinsured, and increasing healthcare access in rural areas. Together, let's address Alabama's low life expectancy rates by implementing policies that prioritize the health and well-being of our communities.

High quality healthcare that isn’t tied to jobs.

Health care is a human right, not a privilege.

  • Alabamians shouldn’t have to skip visits to the doctor or ration life-saving medications because of cost.

  • Currently, Americans pay the highest health care taxes in the world – but the quality of care is much lower than similar countries. In other words, we already pay for national health insurance – but aren’t getting it.

  • One NIH-funded study found that a single-payer, universal healthcare system is likely to lead to a 13% savings in national healthcare expenditure, equivalent to over $450 billion annually.

  • The bottom line: it just makes financial sense – not to mention saves countless lives

  • In office, I’d support legislation like H.R. 3421, the Medicare for All Act, which builds upon and expands Medicare to provide comprehensive benefits to everyone in the United States.

Medicaid Expansion

It’s the smart choice for Alabama’s businesses, health care providers, and families.

  • Nearly 300,000 Alabamians with low incomes would benefit from Medicaid expansion.

  • People who work low-wage jobs and can’t afford private coverage would benefit from closing the coverage gap, as would workers who are between jobs, uninsured veterans, adults who are caring for children or older family members.

  • Medicaid expansion in Alabama could create an estimated 20,083 jobs and drive a net economic impact up to $1.89 billion annually.

  • Ultimately, I support single-payer health care for all – but in the meantime, we need to prioritize finally expanding Medicaid in Alabama.

Lower prescription drug costs

No one should have to choose between basic necessities like groceries and medication.

  • Ruthless for-profit companies are making billions off of suffering Americans while paying their CEOs tens of millions of dollars a year.

  • Among those currently taking prescription drugs, one-fourth of adults say it is difficult to afford their prescription drugs and 29 percent report not taking their medicines as prescribed at some point in the past year because of the cost.

  • In office, I’ll prioritize lowering prescription drug costs, especially for seniors, children, and the un- and under-insured.

  • I support legislation like H.R.3093 - Affordable Pricing for Taxpayer-Funded Prescription Drugs Act, H.R.6347 - Capping Prescription Costs Act, H.R.1488 - Affordable Insulin Now Act and H.R.4895 - Lowering Drug Costs for American Families Act.

Expanded access to opioid treatment and recovery services, with funded access for those who are uninsured or underinsured

Making it easy to access safe and effective treatment is one of the best ways to fight the opioid overdose epidemic.

  • The opioid epidemic in Alabama poses a dual threat to public health and the economy, undermining the well-being of our communities. 

  • People are dying – and the repercussions extend across all facets of our economy, from healthcare and education to businesses and local governance.

  • It’s especially important to me that we fund access for folks who are uninsured or underinsured. 

  • I support legislation like H.R.4950 - IMPROVE Addiction Care Act, H.R.3412 - Expanding Opportunities for Recovery Act and H.R.4272 - Stop Fentanyl Now Act.

Increased access to healthcare in rural areas

Your zip code shouldn’t determine your access to or quality of care.

  • Compared to those in cities and suburbs, rural Americans are more likely to suffer worse health outcomes, lose local hospitals and doctors, and lack quality health coverage — on top of higher rates of poverty and unemployment.

  • More than half of rural counties now lack hospital obstetric services, forcing women to drive 30+ minutes for childbirth.

  • Nearly a third (29%) of rural Americans must travel 30+ miles to access a trauma center.

  • These rates are unacceptable. In office, I’ll work to expand access to high-quality health care for all of our communities, especially those currently furthest from providers.

  • I support legislation like H.R. 6430 – Assistance for Rural Hospitals (ARCH) Act and H.R. 5989 – Rural Health Care Facilities Revitalization Act.

Policies that address Alabama’s low life expectancy rates

Through strategic policies aimed at reducing drug overdoses, increasing access to preventative healthcare, and reducing other preventable deaths, we can work to stop the decline in American life expectancy.

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